Sand filtration

Low operating costs
High filtration efficiency
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Delivery of technology for sand filtration

Sand filtration technology is one of the traditional and years-proven methods of fine water filtration. Sand filtration stands out for its high efficiency and low operating costs. It is suitable for pre-purification and post-purification of surface, river, cooling, and industrial water. Sand filtration provides the possibility of regeneration of the filter layer by washing it with water countercurrent. We produce closed pressure and open continuous sand filters.

We supply

Closed pressure sand filtration

The pressure sand filter is a discontinuous filter device that we produce and supply in size ranges with a diameter of 500 to 3,000 mm with a flow rate of 2 to 170 m³/h. The tank is made of steel and treated with an anti-corrosion coating (most often epoxy). On request, we can supply a stainless-steel tank. The pressure filter is equipped with fittings with manual, electric, or air drive.

The liquid is purified when it passes through the sand layer. The liquid is fed over this layer and suspended particles are separated from the liquid during the passage through the sand. The filtered liquid exits under the filter layer out of the device for further treatment. The sand is regularly washed with the water countercurrent. Due to the different sedimentation properties of sand and suspended substances, the sand is by washing effectively cleaned. Contaminated washing water is discharged from the device to the next treatment process.

Design and custom-made production

We will design, produce, and deliver sand filtration technology for municipal as well as industrial water treatment plants and wastewater purification plants on a turnkey basis. Our supply includes turnkey design, production, and transport of the equipment and, of course, the installation of the filter technology and its commissioning, including operator training. We also provide you with warranty and post-warranty service.

Technical parameters

TypeFiltration surface (m2)Flow rate (m3/h)diameter (m)height (m)
EFZ (PSF; pressure sand filtration)0,19-72-1700,5-3,02,0-3,7
KPF (CSF; continuous sand filtration)0,28-7,054-970,6-3,02,38-5,55

How is the implementation process?


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Delivery of the order

We will deliver the order to you, install it, and put it into operation.

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Get more information about sand filtration. Write us an email. We will give you expert advice on choosing the right filter. We will supply you with custom-made sludge clarifiers, sludge thickeners, scrapers, and other wastewater purification equipment. We design and produce filtration technologies in Brno and export throughout the European Union, Scandinavia, the Balkans, Africa, and the USA.

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