Reactors and storage tanks

Increasing the utility value of existing tanks
Intensification of the technological process
Improving the technical serviceability of the device

Production of storage tanks and reactors

We produce special storage tanks and neutralization reactors for industrial and municipal wastewater purification plants. We offer you several types of tanks with different volumes. We will customize the tanks according to your technical requirements.

Furthermore, we provide you with additional tank built-in segments and extensions that will improve serviceability, make the technological process more efficient, and increase the utility value of your existing tanks. We design and produce technologies for wastewater purification plants in Brno. We deliver equipment in the Czech Republic and abroad. Professional advice, transport, and installation of the technology are a matter of course for our services.

Tank accessories


We produce mixers for tanks and sedimentation tanks. We offer vertical mixers (lattice or blade mixers) and submersible mixers (axial mixers). Mixers for tanks are used to thoroughly mix the suspension with dosed chemicals. In contrast, mixers for sedimentation tanks prevent the stiffening of the sedimented sludge.

How is the implementation process?


Write us an e-mail with a detailed request.

Price offer

We will find out more information about your request and prepare a price offer.


Together we will agree on the order or conclude a contract.


We will prepare project documentation and put the order into production.

Delivery of the order

We will deliver the order to you, install it, and put it into operation.

Write us

Make use of extensions and built-in segments for storage tanks and reactors. We also provide you with filter presses for wastewater purification, tiltable containers for solid sludge, and equipment for the preparation of chemicals. Send us an email with your request.

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