Lamella sedimentation tanks a clarifiers

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Production and installation of lamella sedimentation tanks and clarifiers

We produce lamella sedimentation tanks and clarifiers, which increase the efficiency of the sedimentation process many times compared to the tanks without lamella built-in segments. The advantage of the technology is a simple construction that ensures maximum reliability of the device. Lamella sedimentation tanks and clarifiers are used for the purification and the treatment of industrial water in the energy industry, the purification of industrial wastewater, the post-purification of municipal wastewater and the treatment of drinking water.

You can choose from several types of tanks in a wide range of their volumes. We will always give you expert advice on choosing the right technology. We will prepare a turnkey design for you and take care of the complete production and transport of the equipment, including installation and commissioning. Part of our services is the warranty and post-warranty service of the equipment we supply.

We produce

Lamella sedimentation tanks

Lamella sedimentation tanks represent a tank in which a lamella built-in segment made of longitudinal profiles or tubes is installed. Lamella built-in segment significantly intensifies the process of separation by sedimentation. This type of sedimentation tank is several times more effective compared to simple sedimentation in a flow system. Installation of lamella blocks is possible in tanks of various shapes – circular and rectangular. By dividing the inflowing water into a system of parallel inclined lamellas, a uniform loading of the sedimentation tanks is achieved in the range of 0.6 to 3 mm/s/m².
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Technical parameters

typeflow rate (l/s)volume (m3)length (m)width (m)height (m)
LB (1-4)0,5-8,02,6-9,01,86-2,911,39-2,312,5-3,4
LB (4-16)2–3011,2-42,02,91-6,712,31-3,113,4-3,97
LX (circular)1-53,7-6,0Ø 1,6-2,03,0-3,29
LX (container-like)0,5-4 l/s1,4-3,21,31 -1,711,09-1,711,78 m

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Take advantage of the production and sale of lamella sedimentation tanks and clarifiers. Learn more about the technology. Write us an email. We will contact you shortly and introduce the technology to you. Design and production of our equipment take place at the ENVITES headquarters in Brno. We export technologies for the purification of industrial water and wastewater all over the world. See also our sludge thickeners, scrapers, and storage tanks.

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