Filter presses

High dewatering efficiency
Low energy requirements
Great process adaptability

Design, production, and sale of filter presses

We are among the leading producers of filter presses for the processing of suspensions. The equipment is used to filter liquids and dewater sludge. The advantage of ENVITES filter presses is high dewatering efficiency, filtrate purity and sludge dry matter. Other advantages include low energy requirements for operation, flexible adaptability to the filtered medium, low consumption of auxiliary chemicals, and the possibility of washing the filter cake.

We will design and produce a custom-made ENVITES filter press for you. As needed by the process, we can equip the filter presses with a whole range of additional equipment. After delivery of the device, we will hand over the operating documentation to you and train the operator and the service personnel. We provide warranty as well as post-warranty service and technical assistance.

We produce filter presses

Filter presses with chamber plates

Filter presses with chamber plates belong to the most used types of pressure presses. The workspace consists of filter chambers made of detachable filter plates. The plates have a recess in the flat part with a drainage system. The total recess depth of both adjacent plates determines the thickness of the resulting filter cake, which ranges from 10 to 50 mm. The working pressure is up to 16 bar for the standard design and up to 30 bar for the special design.
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Technical parameters

 We produce ENVITES filter presses with open and closed filtrate discharge and with the possibility of manual or automatic closing and separation of the filter plates. We produce filter presses with a side bolt and with the upper suspension of the plates.

Plate sizeTypeVolumeFiltration surface
250 × 250with chamber plates2–250,2–3
400 × 400with chamber plates10–1301–12
470 × 470with chamber plates / with membrane plates35–1903–18
630 × 630with chamber plates / with membrane plates110–43010–40
800 × 800with chamber plates / with membrane plates220–1,10020–110
1,000 × 1,000with chamber plates / with membrane plates500–2,30050–210
1,200 × 1,200with chamber plates / with membrane plates740–3,20070–300
1,500 × 1,500with chamber plates / with membrane plates1,300–6,000120–520
1,500 × 2,000with chamber plates / with membrane plates2,000–9,000150–700

How is the implementation process?


Write us an e-mail with a detailed request.

Price offer

We will find out more information about your request and prepare a price offer.


Together we will agree on the order or conclude a contract.


We will prepare project documentation and put the order into production.

Delivery of the order

We will deliver the order to you, install it, and put it into operation.

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Get professional filter presses for wastewater purification. Send us an email with your request. We will provide you with expert advice, recommend suitable technologies, prepare a custom-made design, produce, deliver, and install the equipment for you. We are based in Brno, where we design and produce filter technologies. We deliver filter presses, sand filters, clarifiers, and sludge thickeners to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Scandinavia, as well as the USA, the Balkans, and Africa.

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