Preparation of chemicals

Fast preparation of chemicals
Safe and accurate application
Custom-made device optimization

Production of equipment for the preparation of chemicals

We design and produce equipment for the preparation of chemicals used in water treatment and purification plants. We supply complete equipment for the storage, dilution, and mixing of auxiliary chemicals. Most often, these are various types of coagulants and flocculants.

Chemical preparation technologies are applied in precipitation, neutralization, oxidation, and reduction processes in liquid substances. The advantage of our ENVITES equipment is the fast and safe preparation of auxiliary chemicals. Due to the high chemical resistance of the equipment, the reliability and durability of the equipment are ensured.

The devices are suitable for

Polymer flocculants (pof)
Whitewash Ca(OH)2
Coagulation agents Fe2(SO4)3, Al2(SO4)3, FeCl3
Special chemicals

Materials and design

We produce tanks for the preparation of chemicals from polypropylene, steel, or laminate in single-shell and double-shell designs. We produce mixers from steel or polypropylene. The necks can be flanged, free, equipped with a screw fitting with a union nut, or directly fitted with a ball valve. After consultation, further modifications or custom-made production of atypical tanks are possible.

Additional extensions

On request, we can equip your tanks with a level indicator, a sampler, and other accessories. Our accessories also include special extensions such as a tipper with a lime bag cutter, polymer flocculant granule dispenser, and more. The supply of equipment can be supplemented with a dosing pump and systems for measurement and regulation – pH meters, level sensors, and other sensors.

Transport and service

Our services include the transport of equipment to your operation, installation, and commissioning of the technology, including operator training. We also provide you with a fast warranty and post-warranty service for all the technologies supplied by us. We produce all equipment in Brno and deliver throughout the Czech Republic as well as to foreign markets.

Technical parameters

typeworking volume (m³)intended for
RFA0,5-2,4polymer flocculant (manual preparation)
RZCH2 × 0,5-2 × 3polymer flocculant (automatic preparation)

How is the implementation process?


Write us an e-mail with a detailed request.

Price offer

We will find out more information about your request and prepare a price offer.


Together we will agree on the order or conclude a contract.


We will prepare project documentation and put the order into production.

Delivery of the order

We will deliver the order to you, install it, and put it into operation.

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Get professional chemical preparation equipment. Write us an email. We will get in touch with you, consult your technical requirements, and recommend the best solution. See also the professional ENVITES filter presses.

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