Applications and references

Sludge thickening

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Applications of sludge thickening

Sludge thickeners are used in the areas of industrial and municipal wastewater purification, industrial and drinking water treatment, and in other areas of sludge management. The advantage of sludge thickening is a reduction in the proportion of water in the sludge, which is subsequently pumped into a filter press or other dewatering equipment.

Main areas of use

Production and treatment of industrial and drinking water

Municipal wastewater purification

Industrial wastewater purification

We will supply you with sludge thickening equipment, including transport, installation, and operator training. We design and produce a complete range of technologies, which also include chemical preparation tanks, precipitation reaction technologies, and sludge extraction equipment.


We supply sludge thickening technologies in the Czech Republic, Scandinavia, EU countries, the USA, and Africa. Get inspiration from the product application at our customers. Check out the selected references.

Sludge thickening and dewatering - DWTP Lednice, CZ
  • 60 m3/day of sludge
  • Chamber filter press K800
  • Sludge thickening tanks
  • Polymer make-up unit with dosing pumps
Nuclear power plant Mochovce, SK
  • 3x concrete thickening tanks – each with a diameter of 30 m
  • Automatically extending scrapers
  • The amount of sedimented sludge 240 m3/h
Dewatering of the sludge from water treatment
ÚV Zaječí, CZ
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Filter press K800/45, sludge thickening,
    chemical management
  • Treatment plant capacity 65 l/s of drinking water

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