Applications and references

Technological built-in segments in concrete tanks

Higher sedimentation efficiency
Better technical serviceability
Production of customized equipment
Transport and installation of the equipment

Applications of technological built-in segments in concrete tanks

We design, produce, and deliver turnkey technological built-in segments for new or existing tanks. Tanks can be concrete or steel. Built-in technologies increase the efficiency of the process, whether it is the removal of sedimenting impurities or the scraping of sludge at the bottom of the tank. We also replace old inflow and outflow parts of existing tanks.

Main areas of use

Production and treatment of industrial and drinking water

Municipal wastewater purification

Industrial wastewater purification

We will custom-make the equipment for extracting and scraping the sludge for you and deliver it including transport and installation. We are also happy to supply precipitation reaction technologies, chemical preparation equipment, and tiltable containers for waste cake collection to you.


We design and produce professional technologies for wastewater purification plants in Brno and deliver them all over the world – Scandinavia, North America, the Balkans, and Africa. Check out our selected references.

Reconstruction of the settling tank
  • Total reconstruction of the settling tank – the flow rate 70 l/s
  • Installation of a new lamella built-in with drinking water certificate
  • Removal of the old coating
  • Application of new coating with drinking water certificate
Sedimentation tank
  • Recycling of industrial water from coal washing
  • Combination of flocculation chamber, lamella sedimentation tank and sludge scraping
  • Maximum flow rate – 730 m3/h
  • Amount of recycled industrial water – 500 m3/h
Scraping and extraction of the sludge at the drinking water treatment plant
  • Drinking water treatment plant for a city with 100,000 inhabitants
  • 15 concrete tanks, each 55 m long, 5.7 m wide and 4 m high
  • Continuous scraping
  • Material AISI304
Scraping and extraction of the sludge in square tanks
  • 2× built-in segments in square tanks, each 15 m wide
  • Mobile sludge extractors
  • Capacity of sludge extractors 360 m3/h
Nuclear power plant Mochovce, SK
  • 3x concrete thickening tanks – each with a diameter of 30 m
  • Automatically extending scrapers
  • The amount of sedimented sludge 240 m3/h

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