Applications and references

Tiltable containers and container chassis

Efficient filter cake collection
Application for ENVITES filter presses
Easy handling of the container
Varnishing in shades on request

Applications of tiltable containers

The tiltable containers are intended for filter presses with a plate format of 400 x 400 mm to 630 x 630 mm. More containers can be placed under larger filter presses perpendicular to the axis of the equipment. They are mainly used in cases where the waste cake from the filter press is transported over a longer distance, for example to a collection container, or in the case of a small construction height of the building. We design and produce tiltable containers only for the filter presses supplied by us.

Applications of container chassis

Container chassis are used in areas where it is not possible for vehicles designed to handle containers to enter. The chassis allows the container to be conveniently transported to places with mechanical handling. We design and produce container chassis for our containers or according to the customer requirements.


We deliver tiltable containers and container chassis in the Czech Republic and abroad. See the implemented applications at customers.

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