Special mixed pressure vessel for explosive environment

ENVITES is a manufacturer of special applications and atypical pressure process equipment which can be installed also in explosive environments.

In addition to supplying standard and non-standard technological units for water treatment and sludge dewatering, ENVITES can also offer you special custom manufacturing.

For a customer in the chemical industry we have proposed a special design and complete solution for the required mixed pressure vessel. We prepared the manufacturing documentation including the related calculations, we manufactured and installed the equipment at the defined location in the production plant.

  • In this case, it is a stirred pressure vessel made of stainless steel, where its stainless steel stirrer moves not only rotationally but also in the vertical direction.
  • This pressure vessel is designed for a maximum working pressure of 5 bar.
  • The vessel is located in an explosive environment (EX-zone), which is reflected in its design.
  • In this pressure vessel, in addition to the special type of mixing, filtration of the final product takes place through a ceramic intermediate bed which is part of the pressure vessel.


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